Tropical Laces Series Push Up Bra C0329 Black
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Brand Seed Perfection
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Product features: Wireless, Thin mold cup, Adjustable shoulder strap, 4 rows back hook fastening, Lace trim

Material features: Natural, Breathable, High elasticity

Product function: Promote blood circulation, Push-up, Lifting, Prevent sagging and fix shape



- 3-piece 3D cutting to cover breasts in all directions, fix breast position and prevent breast sagging.

- High flanking design to accommodate the side breast.

- Lace design is fit to body without 


产品工艺: 无钢圈,超薄杯,可调节肩带,四排扣蕾丝边

面料特点: 激光纤维,天然,透气, 高弹力

产品功效: 促进循环,聚拢,提升胸部,固定胸型,防止外扩下垂


- 3片式立体剪裁全方位包容乳房,固定乳房位置,防止乳房下垂

- 翼高挡位设计,包容收紧副乳

- 蕾丝设计亲贴肤,无压痕