Senzpro Life PRO Air Washer/Air Purifier/Prevent Air Bond Virus/Kills Viruses
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HEPA Filter · Ionic · Permanent Filter

features: air purifier, ready stock, air bond, anti virus. Senzpro Air Wash. A revolutionary prduct that draw in. treats. polluted air from the outside into water chamber. before releasing clean fresh air back into. the space though the HEPA filter. - works with reusable. washable HEPA filter (12H, 99.5%) that effectively removes PM2.5. secondhand smoke, haze. other lung-damaging aprticles. - Works with cyclonic /tornado-like creating high air flow/min. - Built in ioniser that generates negative ions which disintegration unpleasant smel. other harmful pollutant. Large space, fast circulation, powerful purification and disinfection capabilities. Sterilization | Prevent infection | Keep at home. The omni-directional air intake and multiple filtration, 360-degree omni-directional no dead corners, the three-dimensional air inlet and outlet have a cyclone structure, which continuously agitates the indoor air and realizes the purification of the whole house. With bigger covered space, faster ventilation and sterilize function. Protect your family with up to 99% strelize rate. Negative Ion Density : 30 x 10 /cm 6 3. Virus Removal Rate : >. 99.4%. TVOC Removal Rate : 94.1%. Formaldehyde Removal Rate : 94.0%.